Devastating Wreck at Formula D Irwindale

October 26th, 2013

Formula D Irwindale Gallery

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Formula Drift Texas Gallery

September 26th, 2013

Formula D Texas Gallery

Upgrades for Formula D Texas

September 9th, 2013

At Formula D – Round 5 at Evergreen Speedway we were definitely one of the underpowered cars in the field. With generous power numbers of 430whp and 400wtq the car needed to be pushed to its limits to perform at a FD caliber level. As a driver there was no question I was more than happy to step up to the challenge. Unfortunately, we finished qualifications in a bitter sweet 33rd place.

Between rounds 5 and 6 of the Formula D series there is almost a two month break; ample time to make upgrades to the car if planned correctly. For the team and I it was a no brainier, if we were going to make any upgrades it was now or never. The two main focuses were power and cooling. We started by adjusting the location of the radiator. Seeing how we didn’t have enough time and funds to do an efficient rear radiator mount setup we decided to tilt the top portion of the radiator forward. This would place the radiator further away from the engine, in turn hopefully help the radiator not get heat soaked from the engine; shout outs to Matt Sarale for the fab work! An oil cooler and an additional hood vent by Fessenden Autoworks were also added to help with cooling.

For power it was finally time to toss out the stock USDM heat soaking twin turbo setup for a much needed top mount single turbo setup. With the help of John at City Tire we partnered up with Turbo By Garrett for the reminder of the 2013 season. Shout outs to Yukio of Turbo By Garrett for making it happen! The turbo of choice was the Garrett GTX3582R. Advanced Street Performance (ASP) wrapped up the custom fab work needed for the turbo. Upgrades to the fuel system included 1000cc injectors, a second AEM fuel pump and custom steel braided AN lines to supply the fuel. To hold the anticipated power numbers SPEC supplied us with their amazing SPEC super twin disc clutch package.

With all the pieces in place and less than a week before the car needed be on the road, it was time for Drift Office to work their magic. After just a few hours on the dyno I was amazed and more than satisfied with the results of the new Garrett GTX3582R setup. With the sense of the engine and transmission internals still in stock form in mind Bob and Bill of Drift Office beasted out a safe 600+ wheel horsepower and mid 500′s in the torque department, all with having the same amount of spool time of the factory turbos that I was used to.

We were fortunate enough to test the new setup at Willow Springs Raceway (Balcony Course) this past weekend and the car feels solid. A night and day difference in power, and definitely the best car I’ve had the chance to compete in to date.

Video cred to crew chief Matt Brandow

Huge thanks to my team, family, friends and sponsors: (Drift Office, Hankook, SPEC, BC Racing, Turbo By Garrett, Fessenden Autoworks, SWAY, City Tire, Graphix By Tex, ASP, 425 Motorsports, AEM, ViPec, BigBoy Media). Formula Drift – Round 6 at Texas Motor Speedway is this coming weekend and we’ll be going hard as usual. Hope to see you there!